Meet Our Happy Produce

We grow year round.
We offer plenty of varieties of leafy greens and we design our growing based on your needs.
You order it, we grow it. Any time, any season.
The closer the farm, the fresher the food. Located in the GTA, our food is harvest to table in the same day.
We keep the roots on, which guarantees that your produce lasts longer.
We put love and care into everything we grow.

Learn how this method of growing guarantees care and compassion

Available Now

Red Incised Leaf

Green Incised Leaf

Green Sweet Crisp

Red Sweet Crisp

Green Oak Leaf

Red Oak Leaf

Coming soon...

Salanova Green Batavia

Red Butterhead

Asian Spring Mix

Red Kingdom

Roxy Butterhead



Salanova Green Sweet


Green Leaf Butterfield

Giant Red ( our spiciest mustards)

Tropicana Green leaf

Coastal Star Romaine

Ruby Streaks


Astro Leaf

Red Kyona Mizuna

Watercress (firm, spicy & crunchy)

Abundance Kale

Red Gaint

Green Wave


Meet Our Happy Rainbow Trout

What makes our rainbow trout thrive.

Our fish have plenty of space, we never overcrowd

Our UV sterilizers ensure that they live in clean comfortable water

Our water is always flowing, and it is circulated and filtered every 45 to 60 minutes

And this means, no antibiotics, and no mercury

Our feed is the best on the market.
And it is grown in Ontario.

This is the only type of fish farming we support.

Our fish are humanely treated and safe for you to eat.

What makes them happy? Aquaponics!

This system is fully self-sustaining.

Our ammonia-rich water is created by our happy fish.

The naturally occurring beneficial bacteria converts the ammonia into nutrient rich water that our plant roots love.

This recycling system creates an environmentally friendly, low impact method of farming that is viable for our future.

Meet Our Happy Clients

We Service Restaurants in the GTA

We are conveniently located in Markham.
We offer same day harvest delivered right to your restaurant.

Promote your farm to plate, local, family owned and utmost sustainable food initiatives.

Check out our menu and contact us to discuss further possibilities.

We Service Garden Centres

Our fertilizer is of the highest quality, providing not only nitrogen, phosphorous rich nutrients but also micronutrients.

All natural, and conveniently bottled and available for use in your home gardening.

Grow your best plants with our fish poo.

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